Hi ! Nice to meet you and welcome to my website.

Who I am ? My name is Lola Lecoutour, I’m a 30 years old French artist who like to do many things. Let’s say that I have three Lolas on my mind. The artist, the illustrator and the graphic designer.

The artist

I draw and paint my own characters and univers. I love to give it different forms such as wall painting, animation, installation, different paper format, etc. I always need changes, experimentations. I have a preference for handmade stuff, the feeling, the process, the mistakes, the unexpected “problems”. A kind of dialogue between the drawing and me. I love so much when I’m surprised about the result, when I get something else that I had on my mind. I switch with black and white and colorful creation, I need both. They have a different power. I like to have constraints : only one tool or have to use just three colors, it stimulate me and gives me the opportunity to test my creativity.

Always with my black thin pen with me, I like to be ready to sketch outside when I see a kind of poetic “picture” on my way.

The illustrator

I appreciate so much to illustrate poetry, I can go easily to the abstract, the strange, the feeling. With a writer friend, Sarah Fekonja, we realized an illustrated poetry book and collaborate to make illustrated book for children. I love to work with her, everything is fluid. We trust each other and so create with all our freedom.

I had the chance to work with the art director and graphic designer Slavica Stoltenhoff as an illustrator. It was such a good experience to combine our knowledge, her efficient german style design with my thin and sensitive black and white drawings.

I’m very glad and grateful when cultural associations choose me to communicate for their event such as theater show or music workshop, thought a poster or a flyer for example. It’s enriching and curious to work for other artists from different field of activities.

Sometimes people think about me for a personalized illustration for a friend as an original gift. It’s very cute and funny to make it, even more when I know the person.

I would love to draw for a magazine/newspaper. I like so much to invent short story in one illustration. Must of the time with a children illustration style, but not only. I like topics like psychology, philosophy, life and nature. I like to communicate for interesting and happy things.

The graphic designer

I’m graduated in visual communication (graphic design, edition, publicity) from E.S.A.A.T, Roubaix, France. I have the knowledge and enthousiasme to create logotypes. It’s an interested work to communicate for a business, choose the right codes and synthesize all the ideas in one efficient visual. A good dialogue is always needed, it’s also the opportunity to get curious about new things and gives fresh air to my creativity. I do business card and visual identity which can be used for the website, social media, mailing, newsletters and for prints communication. I propose also poster and flyers with or without illustration, for all nice event.

What else ? I like to read, walk, laugh, eat good vegetarian food, travel and loose my comfort zone. After six years living in Barcelona, Spain, and one year and half of artist residencies and travels, I’m actually living in Athens, Greece, embracing new challenges.

Press commenting on my work and online exhibitions :

“Nous avons exposé quelques pièces de Lola Lecoutour à la galeria Dupressoir à Barcelone parce que sa démarche artistique se conçoit non seulement comme une création graphique mais aussi narrative.

Son univers est peuplé de personnages aux allures tantôt humaines tantôt volatiles qui sont mis en situation dans des saynètes de la vie quotidiennes, au milieu de la ville, au bord d’un rivage, dans un jardin ou dans une nature luxuriante.

Parvenir à exprimer la légèreté, l’humour et la joie dans le dessin et la peinture avec justesse n’est pas chose aisée. Mais Lola Lecoutour sait puiser ce qu’il y a d’enfant dans son regard pour y saisir cette spontanéité si difficile à capturer avec les années.

Si son trait est simple, il est immédiatement reconnaissable ce qui lui confère une grande liberté créative. Lola est aussi à l’aise avec le crayon, la gouache ou l’aquarelle sur papier que Photoshop ou Illustrator pour imaginer des cadrages et des formats dans des échelles inattendues.

Si la pratique de Lola adopte les codes de l’illustration et de la bande dessinée, elle sait aussi s’en affranchir pour emmener son univers explorer d’autres territoires d’expression.

Dans ces dessins, elle convoque tour à tour Folon, Sempé, Le Douanier Rousseau ou Jacques Rouxel sans pour autant les laisser s’imposer. Son trait n’appartient qu’à elle et pourrait bien l’amener à prolonger plus loin ce qui firent ses illustres ainés.”

Edouard Dupressoir

-All the things posted in this website are made by my little hands, please don’t copy them without my authorization-

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