I create animated GIFs with handmade drawings. I like to keep it sensitive and to let appreciate sometimes the paper texture.

ÉtretatDry ink on paper-
The seagull – Felt pen on paper-
Flying bird – Black ink and satin paint on paper –
Girl’s mind – Felt pen on paper –
The bird & the lion – Tempera and satin paint on paper –
African love – collage on Photoshop –

Projected in the B.U.CO. for the “Bilbolbul Off” international festival of comics 2019 in Bologna, Italy. The idea was that a group of African percussion musicians play in live during the projection for the inauguration. We can identify an African atmosphere, thanks to the animals, plants and graphics.

Rückfall – ink on paper –

Projected on the front of a building for “Das Klavier in der Volme”, festival organized for the Crystal Night commemoration, in Hagen, Germany, 2018. The original idea for the animation comes from Slavica Stoltenhoff. A Jewish pianist has been killed in this building during this night on 9th-10th fo November 1938 and his piano thrown away from the window, falling down into the river. In the GIF, the piano comes back to the window. Black ink on paper.

Plants – watercolor on paper –
Self portrait – Oil pastels and black ink on paper –

Let’s move your communication !

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