With my friend and writer Sarah Fekonja we realized a collection of 17 illustrated poems. I did the drawings in a first time and asked Sarah if she would like to write a poetry next to its. Exited by this challenge and both so happy by the result we decided to create a book. We met for a toast with a delicious cocktail to decide the tittle of the project. That’s how Cocktail was born.

I did the layout on Indesign, the cover on Illustrator and bound with my little hands the first “homemade” copy.

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During the Covid-19 quarantine, this project has been published every Saturday in the Instagram account of Alliance Française of Bologna.


A short graphic novel about a walk in Normandy – cliffs of Étretat. Dry ink on paper. Exhibited at Bilbolbul 19 #Off international festival of comic of Bolonia, Italy, November 2019.

Open flyer.

Mon abécédaire, 6 ans à Barcelone

An ABC pictures book about my Barcelona life experience. From A to Z, my doubts, my defeats, my dramas, an unusual time full of twists and turns with also joy and pretty things. A poetic and funny retrospective by a path of 26 letters where the chronological order follows the alphabetical one with thin and sensitive drawings.

This work has been realized during an Art Residency program at the French Institute of Barcelona in September 2020.

Here some extracts :

À l’air libre

I am the author of a short illustrated book about the Travel without text. I used two different techniques to represent two univers : dream and reality. The main character still in black and white travelling by his colored dream. All the drawings are handmade and available (A4 format on white paper 120g) except the first one, sold during the Bilbolbul comics festival of Bologna. – Please clic on the following pictures to zoom

Please, clic on the following pictures to zoom.

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