Selection of my artistic work with a diversity of tools and topics :

“My abc, 6 years in Barcelona”, drawings + exhibition, French Institute – Art Residency project.

“Sounion”, tempera.

“Humans”, tempera.

“Good morning”, tempera and blue pencil.

“Voyage”, watercolor.

“Mount Olympus”, ink and vectorial version.

“The lesson”, ink, digital and pastel version.

“Puglia”, watercolor.

“No end”, mixed technic, puzzle concept.

“Spring”, tempera.

“Germany”, watercolor.

“√Čtretat”, short graphic novel, dry ink.

“One year”, four hands concept, oil paint.

“Le Havre”, ink and digital version.

“The bear and the fishes”, stencil process, ink and paint.

“Submarine”, mixed technic.

“Red garden”, tempera.

“Marine”, watercolor.

“Cadaques”, felt pen and digital version.

“Coffee place”, mixed technic.

“Bird movement”, ink and paint + animation

“Big”, Art Residency project at Kooperative K.

“The bird and the lion”, painting + animation

“Africa”, tempera.

All the last creation on boutique.

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