I have show my work in Spain, Germany and Italy, during solo and collective exhibitions.

French institute of Barcelona

After three weeks of artistic residence at the French Institute of Barcelona, my work has been exhibited during October 2020 in the gallery of the institute. Through the exhibition My ABC, 6 years in Barcelona, I tell about my adventures in the Catalan capital using the alphabetical order as a chronological one. From A to Z, an invitation to a poetic and funny retrospective by a path of 26 letters paced by thin and sensitive drawings, a paper mobile, wall paintings and short texts.

From left to right : Max Vasseur, Director of the French Institute of Barcelona, myself, Anne Louyot, Director General of the French Institute of Spain. Inauguration day, 1st of October 2020. Photo credit : Laurent Perrot.


In Italy (Bologna), I presented my work after a residency in Camere d’Aria and I took place in the Bilbolbul #Off19, international festival of comics.



In Hagen, Germany, I did three times a Residency for Artist in Kooperative K, collective of eight artists. I had an active participation in tow big festivals (OpeARTion and Das Klavier in der Volme), participated in markets, collective exhibitions and presented a solo exhibition.

Photo credit : Carsten Fischer


I get my first collective exhibition experience with Art Lover Ground Barcelona in 2018. It was a « one night event » with visual artists, musicians and performance. In Gallery Dupressoir I participate in different collective exhibitions during one year with talented artists such as Perico Pastor.


Between 2013 and 2017 I exhibited my artworks in different places in the center of Barcelona, Spain, such as cafés, restaurant or hairdresser.

Photo credit : Gauvin Lapetoule


My Italian travel diary has been shared every Wednesday during the Covid-19 quarantine of winter/spring 2020 on the Alliance Française of Bologna Instagram, with the idea to still travelling in our mind, in a poetic way. Every Saturday, was an illustrated poetry from my book « Cocktail » realized with Sarah Fekonja to make the followers practice some French in an artistic mood.

An other online exhibition was on the webzine La Barcelonaise , dedicated to the French community of Barcelona. June 2018.

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