Graphic humor

One space, one main character. Moods, emotions, daily life and sentiments narrated thanks to some black lines (pen and ink). Can works well for magazine/press illustration. You can follow much more of those little drawings in my Instagram.

Humorous – romantic illustrations about the quarantine period of Spring 2020.

Pompette & Pimpante are ones of my lovely characters. Pompette (Tipsy) a drunk and happy “unsophisticated” crocodile, always with a alcoholic drink, enjoying life. Its friend Pimpante (Bubbly) is a little gull. In comparison with Pompette, it is calm and intelectual. We can often see it reading a book drinking a soft drink or eating a little sweet. Even if they are really different, they love each other like best friends, complement each other and enjoy to share moments of life and travels.

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