Illustrations for press, magazine, poetry, children books, personalized gifts and postcards.


Cover illustration special Valentine’s day for the online newspaper Grèce.
Drawing about social distance, quarantine 2020.
Cover of Tarragona newspaper supplement, June 2019. Topic : Summer/holidays. Spain.

Illustrations for an article about love for the webzine (interview from the seagull character point of view).


« Bestiaire d’Apollinaire » : a fantastic project of the Gallery Dupressoir (Barcelona, Spain, November 2018) to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the death of the author. We were ten artists, each one with three poems to illustrate. 

La Puce

Puces, amis, amantes même,
Qu’ils sont cruels ceux qui nous aiment !
Tout notre sang coule pour eux.
Les bien-aimés sont malheureux.

La Colombe

Colombe, l’amour et l’esprit
Qui engendrâtes Jésus-Christ,
Comme vous j’aime une Marie.
Qu’avec elle je me marie.

La Carpe

Dans vos viviers, dans vos étangs,
Carpes, que vous vivez longtemps !
Est-ce que la mort vous oublie,
Poissons de la mélancolie.

Poetry illustration, selected from the book « Cocktail » realized with the writer Sarah Fekonja, January 2020.

Children books

Work in progress for a children book written by Sarah Fekonja.

Cover for my own little book. 2018.

Personalized illustration

For originals gifts I received orders from particular for personalized illustrations. Here two exemples, one with thin black lines hand drawn (A5 on textured paper) for a woman and the other one realized on Photoshop and print on a A3 for a child. 


Made with watercolor, each one handmade and unique. A touch of luxury for Christmas.
Visual for a wedding announcement. Barcelona, Spain, 2018

Personal work

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