Illustrations for edition

Hand drawn/vectorial illustrations and graphic design : I had worked on posters, flyers, cover newspaper, postcards and personalized illustrations.

Poster for theater show, June 2020.
Playful illustrated flyer – booklet 4 pages. Realized to distribute to the public before the theater show “Je suis multiple” of Marine Rabier. August 2020.
Cover of Tarragona newspaper supplement, June 2019. Topic : Summer/holidays. Spain.

For a festival, I worked with the art director and graphic designer Slavica Stoltenhoff on the visual communication. I create illustrations for two posters and for a flyer, pictograms and a city map (using my black and white style). I had to illustrate the itinerary people could make to appreciate all the meeting point of the event. It was a really nice project to work on, walking by the street drawing step by step the buildings. (Since that day, I don’t use Google map there).

Posters and flyer with map of the city for the festival Das Klavier in der Volme, Germany, 2018. Graphic design Slavica Stoltenhoff.
Poster/Flyer for music workshop. France 2019.
Anniversary poster for a café storefront. Painting with tempera. Barcelona, Spain, 2018.

For originals gifts I received orders from particular for personalized illustrations. Here two exemples, one with thin black lines hand drawn (A5 on textured paper) for a woman and the other one realized on Photoshop and print on a A3 for a child.

“Bestiaire d’Apollinaire” : a fantastic project of the Gallery Dupressoir (Barcelona, Spain, November 2018) to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the death of the author. We were ten artists, each one with three poems to illustrate.

La Puce

Puces, amis, amantes même,
Qu’ils sont cruels ceux qui nous aiment !
Tout notre sang coule pour eux.
Les bien-aimés sont malheureux.

La Colombe

Colombe, l’amour et l’esprit
Qui engendrâtes Jésus-Christ,
Comme vous j’aime une Marie.
Qu’avec elle je me marie.

La Carpe

Dans vos viviers, dans vos étangs,
Carpes, que vous vivez longtemps !
Est-ce que la mort vous oublie,
Poissons de la mélancolie.

Christmas is for me, the best holiday period for handmade creative stuff such as postcards. For 2019, I did a open square format with hand drawn watercolor illustration. Each card is different.

Christmas postcard. Germany, 2019.

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