From the visual to the layout I realize posters & flyers for cultural event.

Poster for theater show, June 2020.
Poster/Flyer for music workshop. France 2019.
Anniversary poster for a café storefront. Painting with tempera. Barcelona, Spain, 2018.

Design used for the communication of a circus event. Francavilla de Sicilia, Italy. Spring 2019.

I worked with the art director and graphic designer Slavica Stoltenhoff on the visual communication of the festival Das Klavier in der Volme, Germany. I created illustrations for two posters and a flyer, pictograms and a city map (using my black and white style). I had to illustrate the itinerary people could make to appreciate all the meeting point of the event. It was a really nice project to work on, walking by the street drawing step by step the buildings. (Since that day, I don’t use Google map there).

Posters and flyer with map of the city for the festival Das Klavier in der Volme, Germany, 2018. Graphic design Slavica Stoltenhoff.

Playful flyer – booklet 4 pages. Distribution to the public before the theater show « Je suis multiple » of Marine Rabier. August 2020.

And you, what about your project ? Let’s talk about it and I will send you an estimate.

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