I have a big diversity of tools for my artworks and illustrations.

Black and white / duotone : simple and efficient. Brush and paint for big format. Pen and ink technic or simple thin felt pen for small ones.

Colorful : most of the time with watercolors but also mix of different technics such as oil pastels, collage, colored pencils, tempera, satin paint, pens, etc.

Tempera, big size. Thessaloniki, Greece, 2020.
Felt pen, A3. Oporto, Portugal, 2017.
Felt pen and ink. Bologna, Italy, 2019.

I get inspiration from my environment. As you saw, I like to illustrate places I went, people I met. For example the next one was made in the garden of a lovely house in Puglia, Italy on spring 2019. For the others, we can find a mix of German mood, Spanish vegetation, sea from Normandy and of course, some imagination.

Watercolor on paper, A4, Greece, July 2020.

A nice four hands concept with my mother, painting together with oil paint on little canvas, mixing our univers, telling some adventure of the little gull.

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