For my travel diary I use a fine black pen in a kind of small Moleskine diary. Sketching outside, oblige me to draw fast, design only the essential lines and focus on one subject.

sketchbook Morocco
Chefchaouen, autumn 2018.
travel diary Chefchaouen
Chefchaouen, autumn 2018.
travel diary Girona
Girona, winter 2017.
sketchbook Wroclaw
Wroclaw, autumn 2019.
travel diary Oporto
Porto, summer 2018.
sketchbook man
San Vito De Normanni, spring 2019.
sketchbook beach
Barcelona, summer 2018.
sketchbook flowers
Barcelona, summer 2018.
Athens, Spring 2021.
sketchbook Palolem
Palolem, winter 2017.
sketchbook interior
Lyon, winter 2019.
sketchbook plants
San Vito dei Normanni, spring 2019.
travel diary South Italy
San Vito Dei Normanni / Francavilla di Sicilia, spring 2019.
travel diary Sitges
Sitges, summer 2017.
sketchbook kitchen
Torino, autumn 2018.
travel diary Venezia
Venezia, winter 2018.
travel diary Zagreb
Zagreb, autumn 2019.
sketchbook cat
Varese, autumn 2019.
Thessaloniki, spring 2020.
Thessaloniki, summer 2020.
Thessaloniki, Spring 2020.

In my travel diary I try to copy as well as I can what I see but sometimes I just imagine something else. The space, whether, etc, bring me in a special mood to create some characters and situations, which can be later a short story for a cartoon, a comic or an eventual artwork, in a bigger format, with colors and imaginary characters.

sketchbook cartoon
Blanes, summer 2017.
sketchbook birds
Vigo, summer 2018.
travel diary Blanes
Blanes, summer 2017.
sketchbook Chamonix
Chamonix, summer 2019.

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