Collective or solo, for children or for adults, I like to share and show how easy it can be to be creative. Here some examples of workshop i run.

Two weeks painting workshop (tempera) with 6-12 year old children in Hagen, Germany (2019). With my colleague Erik Schou, we focused on how to get experimental and creative in collective artworks. After teaching the basics of mixing colors, we made blind painting, exercises from the surrealist movement, abstraction, collage, stencils…). More pictures and info on the oficial Facebook page .


Two months before, in the same city, we animated a social wall painting event called « No Borders » during two great weeks. It was in a multicultural district where people don’t have the chance to go holidays. The main idea was to make the people meet together, most of the time children. Now, in Wehringhausen, there is a long wall composed by children’s work with color gradient pattern and by artists personal wall paintings. Special thanks to Dietmar Schneider, Kooperative K, Wehringhausen and Repair Café.


In summer 2018, in Arte Bar, Barcelona, Spain, I taught during four sessions of three hours to groups of adults how to realize a painting step by step (acrylic on canvas). A very nice idea for building event companies, birthday surprise or original tourism experience. The Arte Bar still growing up, the main idea of the classes is to get a great moment thanks to creativity. People who have no idea how to paint can feel really confortable. Like every time I organized a creative activity, it’s fantastic to see the beautiful results and the happiness of the people, even more when they really thought they couldn’t make it.

Also in Barcelona, I was the guest for a “Diner with the artist”. A nice concept mixing excellent and original food with an artistic « plus ». I was totally free of what to do. I chose to sketch the people and food around the table as a visual reportage of the night. Thanks to Travel Cook for the invitation.

In Camere d’Aria, Bologna, Italy, I did some watercolor activities during two weeks for teenagers with « disabilities » (a deaf and dumb girl and an autistic boy).


Let’s organize something together !


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